PharmaBro LIED About $15 Million Theft So Someone Stole His Credit Card And Ordered Him This Gift

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you might have heard that Martin Shkreli, the most hated man on the internet, recently suffered a live webcam “breakdown” of what appeared to be epic proportions. He claimed that someone named “DaQuan” stole $15 million dollars in Bitcoins from him, by claiming that he would sell him Kanye West’s new album. According to the story, it turned out DaQuan was a fraudster and Shkreli’s Bitcoins were whisked away by the thief.

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Shkreli later claimed that he got in touch with Sitoshi, who created Bitcoin, and he agreed to get him his money back.

This is where the story suddenly became implausible. Nobody knows where Sitoshi is and reversing a Bitcoin transaction is practically impossible, historically speaking. The odds of Shkreli managing to perform both of these impossible tasks are astronomically unlikely.

It gets even more embarrassing for Shkreli, as you will see soon.

Bitcoin transactions can be verified and according to all reports, there was no single or group of transactions at the time this theft happened which would have matched up with Shkreli’s loss. Shkreli tried to continue the charade, but the internet had other plans.

Shkreli left one of his credit cards exposed on cam. You can see where this is going now.


4chan users took note of Shkreli’s exposed credit card and lived up to their reputation quickly afterward. One of them took the CC and used it to order a 55-gallon barrel of water-based sex lube for the low low price of $1,100, delivered to Shkreli’s home address. The brand of lube was not mentioned. However, the image of this one on Amazon gives you an idea of what will end up on Shkreli’s doorstep soon. Maybe next time the idiot will think twice before being stupid.

Featured image via Business Insider

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