Oral Hygiene For Gun Nuts — And 4 Other Things You Can Do With Guns Besides Kill Stuff (VIDEO)

Americans aren’t the only innovative people in the world when it comes to guns.

The Asian youngster above has come up with a brilliant way for that special ammosexual in your life to brush their teeth!

Fantastic.  You can watch the entire minute of awesomeness below, but first, being an American, I thought it appropriate to take this innovation to another level.

4 more creative ways to use guns (please don’t try this at home, people):

1. When Uncle Rudy needs help building his survival bunker (so he doesn’t have to go to the FEMA camps):



3. So you can chop your own ice for parties:gun3

4. Now you can go double-fisted for drumming, too:

gun4Those gun-savvy women can use it for…

Never mind — not going there.

All right, so maybe this kid’s idea is better than mine, and he actually puts it to practical use, which is hilarious.  The best part is when he fires the first round.  You can see the joy and hear the excitement in his voice as he moans in approval.

Even several shots in, where he obviously hurts himself, he continues on.  Gun nuts should be extremely proud of his “never give up, never surrender” attitude.

What might be even better than the video itself are some of the comments about it.  One reads “Now use a real gun, gangsta.”  Another YouTuber chimes in to write, “how n*****s in Chicago brush their teeth.”

Racists and gun-toting extremists are always so much darned fun.

Watch the video below.

Featured Image: Screen Capture from YouTube | All other somewhat crude, yet effective, images by: Charles Topher

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