Open Carry Texas Schooled By NRA Guy In Public (VIDEO)

Open Carry Texas was out in force at the Lone Star Motorcycle Rally in Galveston this week, or should I say; Five lunatics with loaded long guns were being dumb in Galveston this week.

In a poorly organized, poorly recorded mess of useless information nobody cares about, Open Carry Texas wasted an afternoon at a bike rally – where historically, loaded weapons fare well – spreading information about a bill about something dumb.

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Alright, since it’s real I’ll mention it.  These five “activists” with admittedly enough ammo in their weapons to mow down the entire crowd on camera, are making people aware that Governor Elect Abbott will sign a bill about open carrying handguns in Texas.  They want people to let their representatives know they’re in favor of the effort and ask everyone to call Congress.

Maybe Congress will put them on hold and transfer them to the state legislature.

Without being anywhere near the brightest bulbs on an impressive-sized Christmas tree, these ammosexual wing-nuts found themselves being schooled by a guy wearing lots of camo and an NRA hat.  A few excerpts from the conversation;

“You’re not helping…You’re bringing negative attention…with all the school shootings…Is that weapon loaded?…The NRA agrees…”

The Guninator, a man wearing an OCT cape and some sort of breast plating type of apparatus thing that holds lots of cameras, tells the man that the NRA retracted that statement, which is true, and the man makes a funny face, because he understands the reality of the situation.

The NRA made the statement that open carry rallies look “weird,” but later retracted after the gun manufacturers who create their policy told them it might cost them eleven gun sales from people who won’t bother if they think they might look weird.

Rather than debate common sense, the OCT team flees to find more drunk people to shout “Hell Yeah!”

The entire 6 minute video can be found here.  It’s also worth a watch, there’s a drunk lady who thinks open carry might be for the alcohol.


Image: Screengrab from YouTube

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