On Live TV, Fox New Host Tries To Bully A Street Vendor For Refusing To Sell Him A Hot Dog (VIDEO)

On Saturday, one of Fox & Friends’ roving assholes reporters, Clayton Morris, tried to interview a hot dog vendor and the guy flat out refused to engage the network known for its unrelenting bashing of Latinos and other minorities.

The Fox & Friends segment started off addressing the vital question of whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich as tweeted by Merriam-Webster. Somehow, Fox managed to get the words “outrage” and “terrorism” into the first thirty seconds of the clip. Seriously. I am not making that up. Although to be fair, even the blonde talking head poked fun at calling it “terrorism.” Of course, Tucker Carlson immediately decried attacking hot dogs as attacking America because it’s Fox News and EVERYTHING is an attack on America. The sad thing is, it’s hard to tell how much of his protest was tongue in cheek and how much was the usual Faux News “patriotism.”

But then Morris tried to interview a vendor and it all went embarrassingly wrong.

But when one hot dog vendor saw Morris approaching his booth, he began closing shop.

“We’re out here trying to check the pulse of the hot dog controversy this morning with a hot dog vendor,” Morris explained.

“No, no,” the vendor said, waving Morris away.

Morris wandered off to talk to some other people but then must have decided that this small businessman didn’t have the right to not be interviewed and he went back. This time he brought a random passerby with him and demanded to be served.

So the vendor says, “Closing now” and walks away.

Morris, being the obnoxious prick he is, starts to help himself to a hot dog. Usually, that’s called “theft” and doing it on camera tends to get people arrested. Funny how a rich white guy feels that he can do that on live TV without a care in the world.

The vendor rushed back, after all, he was being robbed, but still refused to sell Morris a hot dog.

Here’s the delicious video from Raw Story:

Now, I’m not saying the vendor wouldn’t talk to Morris because he knew who he was or that he worked for Fox News. It’s more likely that he didn’t feel comfortable having a camera pointed at him. Since it was fairly clear that English was not his native language, perhaps he didn’t want to struggle through an interview. Still, it’s pretty damn funny that the mighty and powerful Fox News couldn’t buy a hot dog and just as sad that the host had to go back to try and bully this street vendor. I thought Fox believed that small business owners could refuse service to anyone for any reason?


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