NRA Shamed Again As Ammosexual Gives WORST EXCUSE EVER For How His Girlfriend Got Shot — TWICE

NRA members, Republicans, and average gun-loving idiots always say “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.” Unsurprisingly, they’re completely wrong, and just wait until you see what the “bad guy” had to say. You’ll die laughing.

A 30-year-old woman had to be taken to a hospital after her so-called boyfriend shot her twice, resulting in non-life threatening injury.

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Police reported that witnesses said the woman was arguing with her boyfriend during an all-night party at her home. During the argument, the man pulled a gun and used it to “encourage” everyone else except his girlfriend to leave the house.

The woman was having none of his nonsense and went to grab the gun which discharged twice during the struggle. Witnesses confirmed more than one gunshot was heard.

Stick with me. This is the part where, in the most unlikely of circumstances, it actually turns a bit funny.

The guy who did the shooting then tried to blame her for doing it – saying she accidentally did it “as she was cleaning the gun.”

You seriously have just got to laugh at this guy. I mean picture it – you’re cleaning a gun and BANG you shoot yourself. Would your first reaction be, “Well I better finish cleaning this, before I put it down and go to the hospital?”

Apparently that’s what this dude thought sounded like a good story to tell the cops, despite a house full of witnesses. Riiiight! She was cleaning it – the gun accidentally went off and shot her – so her first reaction was to continue cleaning it until it accidentally shot her again. Literally nobody on this planet is simultaneously that unskilled, unlucky, and stupid.

After the girlfriend “accidentally” shot herself twice, because after that first time she clearly didn’t learn to respect a firearm, partygoers re-entered the home and upon seeing the scene in front of them, promptly proceeded to beat the crap out of the guy with the gun, and detained him until police arrived.

The woman was shot in her hand and her ankle and is expected to make a full recovery, although she might need some surgery on her hand.

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