National Treasure Jon Stewart Is Quietly Helping Returning Veterans (VIDEO)

When Jon Stewart announced he was leaving The Daily Show, those on the left felt a sense of emptiness. His Monday-Thursday time slot would be filled, we knew, but would we ever again see his combination of wit and compassion.

We don’t know much about his replacement, Trevor Noah, but we can be sure that the show will remain well written and smart.

As for the man himself, we are beginning to get a glimpse into Stewart’s true passions as we learn his extracurricular activities.

We’ve learned that he and his wife Tracey bought a farm in New Jersey to house neglected and abused farm animals. We also learned that he has two pigs, two hamsters, two guinea pigs, fish, four dogs, three rabbits and a parrot.

Another passion that’s been evident on his show is for veterans. He has done several segments criticizing the government for their criminally lax treatment of returning vets. Here’s a sample:

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Stewart’s expertise isn’t in medical care, though, it’s in show business, so he’s started a program designed to help veterans get jobs in show business.

The “boot camp” is five weeks long.

It was actually inspirational,” said (Iraq Army scout platoon leader Nathan) Witmer, who went on to work at Fox News and then found a job as a “Daily Show” associate field segment producer. “We hear ‘Thank you for your service’ all the time, but here was concrete action, people working to really make a difference. And it changed lives. I’m proof of that.

Source: New York Times

Stewart believes that the idea should be copied by everyone in show business. He believes that different voices are beneficial to everyone.

This is ready to franchise. Please steal our idea,” Mr. Stewart said in an interview at his Manhattan studio recently. “It isn’t charity. To be good in this business you have to bring in different voices from different places, and we have this wealth of experience that just wasn’t being tapped.

I can’t wait to see what else Stewart has in store for us.

Featured image via Daily Show video screen capture.

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