‘The Daily Show’ Explores ‘Mixed’ Relationships. No, Not THAT Kind (VIDEO)

Jessica Williams, correspondent for “The Daily Show,” took a look at “mixed” marriages on Thursday night, and was shocked at what she found. Williams starts off by talking to Dr. Jeanne Safer, who tells her, “I’m in a mixed marriage.” Safer goes on to say that her friends and colleagues are all puzzled as to how she could do such a thing, and how it could possibly work.

Williams is puzzled at first when she meets Safer’s husband, because both of them are white. “Who’s that guy?” she asks. Safer explains that he is her husband. “Yeah, but I thought you said you were in a mixed marriage?” Williams notes.

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Then the truth comes out. “Well, we are,” says Richard Brookhiser, Safer’s husband. “I’m an ‘R’… I’m a conservative Republican, and she’s a liberal Democrat.” Williams appears horrified at the thought. “Oh, my god, that’s awful,” she says.

“How could you guys be this way? How could this happen? Have some respect for your own culture!” Williams scolds.

Williams observes that Safer and Brookhiser never learned how Democrats and Republicans are supposed to interact, as she plays a clip of various talking heads on tv, shouting over each other. Next, she moves on to what she believes is safer territory: three Democrats who say they would never date a Republican, and three Republicans who say similar things about Democrats. Williams then presents a poll that she thinks is a good sign: 33 percent of Democrats and 49 percent of Republicans say they would be unhappy if their child married outside their political party.

Williams comments that those diehards understand what is really important in a relationship, as she returns to Jeanne and Richard. Richard tells her how each of them has been in the hospital with cancer, and that, “When someone is coming to visit you, and take care of you, you don’t ask them what their party registration is.” Williams wants to know why they didn’t argue about Obamacare. “We were trying not to die,” Richard says.

To finish the segment, Williams does the unthinkable; she sets up one of the diehard Democrats on a date with one of the diehard Republicans. Williams is shocked that they are getting along, and tries to “stir the pot” by bringing up some points she is sure they would disagree on. Williams wraps up by saying that there’s only one way to make sure you agree with your partner on everything political, then reveals who she is talking to.

Here’s the clip, via Comedy Central:

Photo: Video screen grab/”The Daily Show.”

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