Michelle Obama On ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Is The Best Thing You Will See Today (VIDEO)

James Corden has been teasing us for weeks with the promise of a Michelle Obama Carpool Karaoke episode. When it finally aired on Wednesday night, it didn’t disappoint!

At the beginning of the segment, we see a very nervous (playing the part well) Corden speaking to a guard at the gate who finally allows him to pass, when suddenly Michelle Obama jumps in the front seat!

I hear you’re here for a 1:45 tour, and I had a little time on my hands. Want to go for a spin?

Of course, James didn’t say no — who would say no to the FLOTUS? Mrs. Obama went on to tell Corden that she has only sat in the front seat one other time in the past seven years, and that was for her daughter’s driving test. Then, she asked if he wouldn’t mind listening to a little music. “I rarely get to listen to music in the car.”

They listened to a little Stevie Wonder, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered…” after which they discussed what she would miss most about her years living at the White House, and he jokingly asked, “And what are you going to accidentally slip in your bag…” which got a chuckle and response from the First Lady. “Don’t steal anything!” She then gets serious and says:

I think what I’m going to miss the most are the people. I mean, these are people that you see every day, they help you… They love you… You know their families. To walk away from people that you see every day… That’s going to be hard.

Beyonce was next with “Single Ladies” and Mrs. Obama did a perfect job mimicking Beyonce’s hand gestures in the music video. This led to a conversation about her being the FIRST First Lady to have SnapChat and she explained that she downloaded it to document a trip to Africa to teach women about the importance of learning and to promote her foundation, Let Girls Learn. It was then when a special guest joined them on their tour!

Watch the full video of Michelle Obama’s Carpool Karaoke here:

After the episode aired, the Secret Service sent James Corden a shout out on Twitter, thanking him for getting her back safely. I’d have to check to be sure, but I doubt this has ever happened to another TV show host. Way to make history, James Corden!

Featured image via video screenshot

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