LOL! Fox And Friends Fail Their ‘Fix-A-Tire-Man-Test’ And Screw Up Rental Car (VIDEO)

If you’ve ever had the displeasure of catching Fox News’ Fox and Friends, then you know it’s a totally obnoxious, lily-white cracker fest. It doesn’t quite mirror the mousey mean girl animatron that is exclusively Elizabeth Hasselback, but it comes very close. Whereas Sean Hannity has the balls to be an outright racist at times, the well-coiffed mannequins on Fox and Friends cynically hide behind insincere curiosity.

So it’s always amazing to witness the times they completely fail on live television, as opposed to their scripted fails.

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Fox and Friends hosts Scott Brown and Brian Kilmeade decided to be even bigger arses then originally thought when they tried (poorly) to take retired Navy SEAL Derrick Van Orden’s “manhood” test. Both Kilmeade and Brown teamed up to change a tire on a car that had been loaned by Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Confusion (and hilarity) ensued as Brown began cranking the jack while Kilmeade sent lug nuts rolling across the pavement. It was almost like watching a Koch brother pump his own gas. Maybe a Socialist could do it?

Via Rawstory:

“This is what a man does, not just a male,” Van Orden noted.

“Whoa, watch it, Brian!” Brown exclaimed as the car began to roll forward, suggesting that the parking brake had not been engaged.

“Jack it up?” Kilmeade asked.

“No, it’s jacked,” Brown noted.

“Okay, so lug nuts are out,” co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck chimed in.

“Watch your feet, Elisabeth,” Brown warned. “The jack is falling.”

“The jack is falling?” Kilmeade said while attempted to push the car back onto the jack.

“The jack is falling,” Brown repeated.

“We’ve got teamwork going on right now,” Hasselbeck remarked.

“This is amazing,” Van Orden said, turning to the camera.


Featured image via screen capture from YouTube

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