Worst Movie Ever: Kirk Cameron Is Number One On IMBd’s Bad List (Video)

Kirk Cameron put the ‘Crap’ back in Crappy movie

IMDB has a new ‘winner’ within their ranks for worst movie of all time with a 1.3 star rating (out of 10 stars).

Cameron’s Saving Christmas bombed so hard it beat out other movies such as Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 and Turks in Space. Even the second worst movie on IMBd’s list Birdemic: Shock and Terror is beating Cameron’s movie by .5 points.

In order for a movie to make the ‘Bad list’ it must have collected at least 1,500 ratings. Saving Christmas garnered around 1,800 votes making it the new winner, er, number one loser.

The official site’s description of Cameron’s Saving Christmas:

Kirk is enjoying the annual Christmas party extravaganza thrown by his sister until he realizes he needs to help out Christian, his brother-in-law who has a bad case of the bah-humbugs. Kirk’s fresh look at Christmas provides Christian the chance to see Christ is where He has always been: at the center of our Christmas celebrations and traditions.

What critics have explained seems to be the real central theme of Cameron’s movie, is that Jesus can be enjoyed along with all the commercialism of the Christmas holiday, which may have struck a nerve with his Christian audience.

The movie wasn’t a total loss, it still pulled in $2.5 million at the box office which means Cameron’s kids should be enjoying a nice commercialized Christmas this year.

Kirk Cameron

Friendly Atheist

In November, the former Growing Pains star took to Facebook whoring for good reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, which backfired, prompting hundreds to write-in hilarious phony reviews (which appear to have been deleted).

Movie critics also had a field day with Cameron’s flick:


Kirk seems to be fighting this year’s ‘War on Christmas’ solo. There has barely been a peep from Fox News about liberals and atheists ruining Christmas; Gretchen Carlson even seems remiss to talk about the holidays even though she appeared in a movie earlier this year called Persecuted. Had this movie come out in 2012 or even last year, he may have been playing to a better audience.

Maybe Christmas just doesn’t need saving by Kirk Cameron’s self-righteous attitude after all.

View Cameron’s cringe-worthy trailer here:

H/T: Friendly Atheist | Photo: Screen grab| YouTube

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