Jon Stewart Breaks Down Conservatism In The Best 10 Minutes Of The Daily Show EVER (VIDEO)

The first 10 minutes of The Daily Show on Thursday were 10 of the finest minutes in television history.

Jon Stewart commented some on his leaving the show and the reaction from news outlets and talk shows. When he got to FOX News, it got especially hilarious.

It seems Fox is none too happy with Mr. Stewart, with Meghan Kelly, Fox Barbie herself, stating that Jon Stewart has gotten “a little nasty” in his later years.

Stewart then spends more than nine minutes lambasting Fox News and breaking down conservatives in general.

He makes it look so easy. Then again, look at the subject matter. The way Stewart is able to describe to absolute perfection the conservative frame of mind and the manner in which they operate will have you shaking your head in agreement, fist pumping for the home-team and laughing your ever-loving ass off.

It was almost a shame that he didn’t save this bit for his last show; it would have been the perfect exit.

Jon Stewart will be sorely missed.

Watch the full ten minute video below courtesy of Comedy Central.

Featured Image: Screen Capture From YouTube

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