John Oliver Eviscerates Donald Trump In HILARIOUS And Illuminating Fact Slap-Down (VIDEO)

John Oliver just “uncoupled the man from the brand,” in a hilariously scathing and in depth look at the YUGE a$$hat that is the leader for the Republican nomination right now. It is time to get honest, America: Donald Trump is basically the worst case of gut rot and cognitive dissonance this country has ever felt.

The most damaging thing possible for this country would be having a fascist, like Trump, at the helm. However, there are so many people that either DON’T CARE that Trump’s revolving door policies and beliefs have caused him to advocate WAR CRIMES, several times, or that he has called an entire race rapists and thieves, or the fact that he lies so often that Politifact has caught him lying 76% of the time. 

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It’s all in the name, really, even though even though Trump’s own son admitted this about that same “brand”:

I don’t know if [Trump] brings stability or viability, but I imagine certain people feel that way.

The deeply disturbing “hero-worship” of Trump’s vainglorious professional celebrity that is allowing this pedantic, captious, citrine cockalorum to literally lie three out of four times that he has opened his mouth as a “presidential” hopeful — yet still be considered a straight shooter and be seen as a viable candidate by such a large swath of Americans — is a sad indictment indeed.

John Oliver brings this “larger than life” man down to Earth, and with nothing but facts and biting satirical humor drives home the painful truth: the state of our union is that we are actually in fear of a fascist dictator because either Americans are looking for a spoiled rotten, filthy rich, dishonest, racist man who is proud of being the exact opposite of the Pope and Jesus, or, they are actually star-struck and bamboozled by his speeches, which are aimed at 4th graders and bigots.

Or as Oliver describes him:

A litigious serial liar with a string of broken business ventures and the support of a former Klan leader that he can’t decide whether or not to condemn.

Worse, there are actually intelligent people out there who are so tired of the status quo and so lost in the star-glitz that they are willing to vote for this scam artist just because he is a “businessman” and the opposite of what they are accustomed to in politics. Sadly, they don’t seem to realize that being a billionaire because your daddy was rich as hell and you are willing to use anyone, sue everyone, whine about everything, lie about anything, and change your values, morals, and mind like a “Magic 8 Ball” when it suits your purposes doesn’t qualify you for president. 

John Oliver’s accurate, acrimonious and amusing takedown of the worst thing to happen to America Politics since the assassination of JFK: Donald Trump, er #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain!

Enjoy the full video, here, courtesy of YouTube:


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