John Oliver DESTROYS Whole Foods’ Corporate Greed, Outrageous Prices And Practices (VIDEO)

The void left in the hearts of so many Americans by the departure of Jon Stewart from The Daily Show becomes somewhat filled each week when John Oliver, a Stewart protege’, takes to the small screen on HBO’s Last Week Tonight. He may not be Jon Stewart, but Oliver still does a bang-up job of keeping it real, exposing the greed and corruption inherent in our society in just over 50 minutes of uncensored glory every Sunday night.

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In this episode’s monologue, Oliver rips into Whole Foods for their obvious corporate greed. Climbing to success on the backs of people who believe they’re paying a premium because of the quality Whole Foods offers, the company has made some recognizably poor decisions and showcased some disastrous products. Oliver’s focus in this segment is the recent “asparagus water” debacle, where Whole foods was nabbed selling 3 stalks of asparagus submerged in water for $6.

Watch John Oliver make a perfect mockery of the ripoff that is Whole Foods.

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