Jesus Arrested In Philadelphia…Wait…What? (VIDEO)

He wears earbuds and bears a giant cross.  He walks on water — or rather, skates. He’s known to take pictures with strangers and talk to them about his religious views.

He’s Philly Jesus.

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Also known by his mortal name, Michael Grant, Philly Jesus isn’t some whack job who believes he’s the son of Philly Yahweh. He’s a recovering heroin addict who is enjoying life to the fullest, spreading the word of the real Jesus, who he admires very much, and making the people of Philadelphia smile.

After a recent ice skating escapade, PJ took a picture with some fans and told them ‘I accept tips.” A beat cop overheard him and after an altercation, the son of Philly Man was arrested for “begging.”

The Phillitites were outraged, and #FreePhillyJesus had a short trend on Twitter. Since the arrest, the Philarene let his friends and fans know that he was OK in a Twitter post:

I am free my dudes… y’all Dnt need to say free philly jesus no more

The Philly Superstar has retained counsel in the form of high-powered attorney Charles Gibbs, who is adamant that PJ isn’t guilty of any crime:

This is a young man who walks around the city dressed up as Jesus, and for the government in any way to interfere with his right to practice his religion is ludicrous.  He’s not actively looking for money. And even if he was, we have people all over our city soliciting money and they are not getting arrested for that.  He was taking pictures for people and talking about his religious beliefs. To have the government crucify him for that is insane.

A petition has been started to have all charges against Philly Jesus dropped.

One thing is for sure, Philly Jesus knows the bible.  In response to those who view him in a negative light, he tweeted:

Haters Gonna Hate – John 15:18

Well said, Philly Jesus.  Rock on.

And he can dance.

H/T: The Philadelphia Daily News  |  Image Via Instagram

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