Is Trump As Bad As Lord Voldemort? J.K. Rowling Weighs In (TWEETS)

There are some villains from television, film and literature who are so notorious that no context is needed when mentioning them: Freddy Kruger, Darth Vader, Dick Cheney to name a few. But for fans of the Harry Potter series, the villain who stands out is “He Who Shall Not Be Named,” aka Lord Voldemort. Now, thanks to his recent comments on blocking Muslims from entering the U.S., Donald Trump is being compared to Voldemort. And Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has an opinion about that.

The comparisons between Trump and Voldemort began earlier in the fall, when Elite Daily published a quiz which asked readers to identify the source of various quotes — Trump, Kanye West or Voldemort. Twitter users who appear to also be Harry Potter fans have been making observations such as the following ones for some time now. But the comparison has really gathered steam in recent days following Trump’s latest remarks.


Phoebe Zeitler

Anne T donahue

Rowling apparently decided to put the conversation to rest in response to a BBC News article titled “Why people are calling American businessman Donald Trump Voldemort,” which was published on December 8. That story mixes tweets about the comparison with some of the things that Trump has been saying about immigrants and Muslims. The BBC promoted the story with this tweet:

BBC Tweet

Rowling responded in her typical fashion in defense of her murdering super-villain with the following:

JK Rowling tweet

Rowling’s tweet has been liked over 63,000 times, with almost 70,000 retweets. And it should put any lingering questions about the comparison to rest. Mr. Trump, J.K. Rowling knows Voldemort. You, sir, are no Voldemort — you’re far worse.

Trump’s remarks about preventing Muslims from coming into the country were so bad, even other members of the GOP clown car ran to distance themselves from them. So far, it doesn’t appear that right-wing media has had much if anything to say about this issue either. But when Muslim hating Trump supporters start weighing in, it is bound to be entertaining. Stay tuned.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons/Twitter

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