INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO: How To Rid Your Neighborhood Of Trump Signs With Your Car (VIDEO)

In just nine seconds, one concerned motorist will show you how to take down those unsightly Trump signs you see scattered through your town. Be forewarned: This is highly illegal. Running over someone’s personal property and recklessly driving off-road like this is not only dangerous but could land you with some pretty stiff fines.

Julien Schuessler of Wilmington, North Carolina didn’t seem very concerned with the law when he made the video and scoffed at it further when he uploaded it to his Facebook page, where it has been going viral. The police in Julien’s town weren’t very amused, however, promising to look into the matter:

It didn’t take long for them to find the culprit and charge him for his poor judgement:

Typically if you do something illegal and you want to get away with it, you wouldn’t post it on your Facebook page. Julien is just 20-years-old and obviously has some growing up to do, but it’s difficult to put too much scorn on the poor guy when you consider the victim was a Donald Trump sign. Maybe The Donald will be gracious enough to pay his legal fees.

Watch the illegal yet very satisfying 9-second episode below:

Featured image via screen capture

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