In Honor Of George W. Bush’s 69th Birthday, Presenting His Top 10 ‘Presidential Fails’ (VIDEOS)

George W. Bush turned 69 on July 6. Right wing site The Political Insider decided to honor him with a piece they titled “Happy 69th Birthday Dubya! Here are George W. Bush’s TOP 10 Classiest Moments.”

OK, some of them are pretty classy. Like moments #1 and #2, which shows Bush doing things to help disabled veterans. Of course, when you see that, you can’t help but wonder how many of those veterans would be disabled if it weren’t for Bush’s unnecessary war in Iraq. But still, it’s nice that he’s doing something for vets.

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Some of the moments make it look like the writer was really searching for material to round out the top ten. Like #4, where Bush is shown giving Ben Carson the Presidential Medal of Freedom, or #9, where he is throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game. Classy? Hardly. Lame? Definitely.

They may have had to reach to come up with ten “classy” moments, but what isn’t lacking is the number of George W. Bush “fails” that a quick search of the internet will produce. Never to be outdone by right-wing media, we present “George W. Bush’s Top 10 Most Embarrassing Moments.” (Well, they should be embarrassing moments, but after all, this is Bush we’re talking about, so who knows?)

10. Bush talks about the “internets.”

Bush didn’t appear to be too tech savvy. In a 2004 presidential debate, he mentions that there are rumors about a potential draft on the “internets.”

9. Cowboy George invites attacks on American troops.

In 2003, shortly after he started a war in Iraq, Bush was full of bluster and bravado. And why not? It wasn’t him who was getting shot at. Bush later said he regretted his “bring em on” comment.

8. Bush gets all creepy with a foreign leader.

For some reason, Bush thought it was ok to put his hands on a foreign leader, as he gives a shoulder squeeze to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

7. “I’m the decider.”

Nobody is going to accuse Bush of having a strong grasp of the English language, as he proves in this clip.

6. That pesky Chinese door.

This one requires no comment.

5. The shoe throwing incident.

An Iraqi reporter had had enough of Bush, and the “freedom” he brought to Iraq, and let it be known during a press conference.

4. The pretzel that almost did him in.

In this video clip, Bush tells reporters to make sure they chew their pretzels before swallowing, and shows off his bruised cheek that he sustained when he passed out after choking.

3. “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job.”

Hurricane Katrina had put New Orleans under water. Bush’s FEMA director, Michael Brown, whose background was in Arabian horses, not disaster relief, was clueless. So was Bush.

2. Bush calls on nations to fight terrorism.

Bush made an impassioned plea to world leaders to help the U.S. fight terrorism. Then he made an impassioned plea for reporters to watch his golf swing.

1. On the hunt for Osama bin Laden.

Bush went from “bin Laden, dead or alive” to “I truly am not that concerned about him.” Thank goodness President Obama was.

Happy birthday, Dubya!


Featured image via Wikimedia Commons

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