In 2 Minutes, This GOP Preacher Proves How Important Separation Of Church And State Is (VIDEO)

Mere words do not do this justice. You really have to watch the video to fully appreciate it.

Jim Hill, a Republican pastor from Virginia, lost his ever-loving mind during what can only be described as a “Jesuspocalypse” sermon on Sunday’s edition of What Does the Bible Plainly Say?

If someone were to create an image to represent the following rant, it would be two gay Nazis killing your wife with your own gun they stole from you while chopping up fetuses and lying to you about the government.

Watch Preacher Jim completely lose it below:

It isn’t known exactly what set him off. Maybe donations were slacking? Remember, guys like Jim can only save you if you pay them enough to pray really hard. Hopefully, he uses some to buy a new wig. Did you see that thing on his head?

The best part of all this is that his show is called What Does the Bible Plainly Say? If you can show me a bible that talks about Obama grabbing your guns I’ll eat it. However, there is plenty of talk about the righteous and holy killing of women and children in the bible, but that was different because “God” told them to do it.

featured image via video screen capture

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