Hunter Scores Multiple Kills But Takes No Trophies, Right-Winger Blames Obama (VIDEO)

Some people hunt for food and some for trophies.  This hunter found himself in a situation many would find incredibly lucky, and just as many would find equally deplorable.

Like it or not, hunting is an American tradition.  This hunter’s luck turned south, however, and he was unfortunately unable to take his trophies home.

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My Uncle Rudy, as usual, found good reason to blame this hunter’s good fortune turned bad into another failure of the Obama administration:

Obummer ain’t got no right to tell folks what kind of animals they can and can’t kill.  It’s my…8th amendment right to shoot whatever I want.

That muzzie is just upset that he can’t eat no meat on Sundays cuz he won’t get no virgins when he dies.

What really ticks me off is that Obinladen don’t even know the constitution since he breaks it all the time.  Like that he…ahhh…you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout.

If this guy wants to take home them trophies it’s nobody business but his own.  I say the revolution starts now.

With that Uncle Rudy stormed off, intent to grab his AR-15 and head to Washington.  Luckily for us he was sidetracked by a “Drinkin’ with Lincoln, $5 all you can drink” sign outside a local bar.

Unlimited well, wine and draft may have saved countless lives.


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