How To Ruin A Racist March With A Sousaphone And A Few Musical Notes — Way Too Funny! (VIDEO)

This video actually made me spit coffee out my nose. Please, before you click on it, be sure you’re clear of all liquids and that there’s ample room on the floor next to you for rolling and laughing.

This person with a Sousaphone, the mobile version of the tuba, walked alongside a confederate flag march recently, adding some music that is… let’s just say… perfect. The best part is the people marching, knowing what fools they look like with the music playing, are completely helpless to do anything about it, because just as it is their right to march like imbeciles in support of racism and hate, it’s this person’s right to play silly music that makes them look as ridiculous as they are.

The video is short but brilliant, repeating itself once so you get the chance a little bit longer. By far the best minute and a half you’ll see all day.

Watch a Sousaphone playing genius ruin a confederate flag march with a few brilliant notes.

H/T: Viralthread | Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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