House Republicans Are So Clueless, They’re Using Wikipedia To Start Impeachment Hearings

Most days I wake up and thank the universe that I’m not a conservative. Having to find new groups to be afraid of all the time must be exhausting! But lately, I’ve been waking up thankful because, as the Washington Post puts it, “Republicans’ hopes for an Obama scandal crash and burn” and as a conservative, I would have been waiting for 8 long years to impeach that America-hating pretender. 8 years with nothing to show for it!

Well, not “nothing,” exactly. Conservatives do have the most incompetent Congress in recent memory. How incompetent? They’ve resorted to using, I wish I were kidding, Wikipedia to try to impeach the head of the IRS:

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At Tuesday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing to consider the impeachment of Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen, Issa, the California Republican and dogged investigator of the Obama administration, confessed he was relying on an open-source website.

“You and I are not lawyers,” Issa told Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), who was presenting the panel with the legal case for impeaching Koskinen, “so we’ll tax each other a little bit on a constitutional question. According to Wikipedia, at least, the definition of high crimes and misdemeanors constitutionally says it covers allegations of misconduct . . .”

Issa then questioned Chaffetz about each of the examples cited by Wikipedia contributors.

How is it possible this is not an Onion article? Don’t these very well-payed congressmen have staffers to get this information for them? Shouldn’t they already know it themselves? After all, they’ve been planning on impeaching Obama since he was elected. You’d think they’d have done even a little bit of research on how to do it by now.

But here’s the saddest part of this farce: The guy they want to impeach? He wasn’t even IN the IRS when the original non-scandal took place.

This is how desperate Republicans have become to claim a scalp. Obama has run his administration with such discipline and integrity, he simply hasn’t let the GOP an opening to exploit:

There have, no doubt, been screw-ups: failures of policy, misbehavior and poor management. But Obama’s accusers have yet to document high-level malfeasance or corruption, and in the case of Benghazi, even some investigations led by Republicans have discredited the allegation.

Watergate it isn’t — a point made to Chaffetz when he invoked the impeachment standards set by the Judiciary Committee in 1974.

“I was there for that,” Rep. John Conyers Jr. (Mich.), the committee’s ranking Democrat, reminded him.

It’s so bad, that Republicans are literally trying to redefine what constitutes an impeachable offense:

I don’t believe you have to prove intent,” Chaffetz alleged Tuesday.

“False testimony or dereliction of duty is still impeachable whether or not the Justice Department determines it as a crime,” Issa intoned.

“The notion that you can only impeach someone that commits an actual violation of the criminal code is nonsense,” asserted Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.).

Translation: “Plllllllease let us impeach someone for something! Oh God, please!!!!”

I think I know the perfect gift for the Republican in your life:


And maybe a bottle of Jack Daniels to drown their sorrows…

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