Here’s What Happens When Lame ‘Patriot’ Excuses Get Turned Into A Twitter Hashtag Game (TWEETS)

It has been almost a month since a bunch of so-called “patriots” took over a wildlife refuge in eastern Oregon. They are still there, still asking for supplies, still making a nuisance of themselves and still asking for more of their militia buddies to come join them. That last thing hasn’t really been happening. But there are plenty of good excuses why. . . well, excuses, anyway. ‘Good’ being a relative term, in this case.

One of the Oathkeepers at the refuge posted this rather obtuse message on his Facebook page Saturday morning:

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This post was shared by all of three others, including the Las Vegas Tea Party, and garnered only eight comments. But, oh, what comments. You see, the “patriots” who can’t go join the siege have some very good excuses for why not. To wit:



That’s funny enough, but when Twitter user Gargoyle got hold of Parker’s post, the fun began. The hashtag is #WhyICantRevolt and the excuses are priceless. . .

That last one is playing off the real excuse given by one “patriot”; he is waiting on his tax return. The irony of this, one Twitterer pointed out, is undoubtedly lost on him.

The town of Burns, OR and the people of Harney County have put up with this nonsense for far too long, now. The Bundy militants think that the law does not apply to them and, judging by the lack of response, they are correct. They are reportedly forming their own “citizen’s grand jury” where they will “indict” people who have (they feel) slighted them. The sentence will be harassment, stalking, threats and, possibly, violence. This is decidedly illegal and could end badly for all invloved.

A petition has been started on to arrest Ammon Bundy and his vanilla ISIS:

We respectfully request that you end the armed occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge immediately. At the very least, you owe the American people an explanation as to why the area has not been isolated… Law enforcement inaction up to this point is an egregious violation of public safety and emboldens their erroneous assertions that the US Government has no Constitutional Authority.

The longer this farce is continued to play out, the more it lends credence to the Bundy Bunch’s assertions that they are sovereign citizens and the federal government has no hold over them. This inaction emboldens other, similar groups. If this isn’t ended soon, we will see more sieges like this one. Ridicule and derision can only take us so far. We need the federal government to step in. Now.

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