Here Are Some Of The Most Glorious GOP Debate Memes — You’re Welcome (IMAGES)

The first two Republican debates have come and gone, what a glorious, bullsh*t filled day Thursday was. During the  “Kiddie Debate” former Texas governor, Rick Perry made the first big gaffe of the day by referring to a certain Republican savior as “Ronald Raven.” In the main debate Donald Trump definitely stood out as the most obnoxious candidate in the clown car, but the others said some pretty ridiculous stuff as well.

The best thing about the debates, as usual, are all of the memes that have been created to remember it by. Sure none of them are quite as amazing as the “binders full of women” or “horses and bayonets” memes from the 2012 election, but they are still pretty amazing.

Here are our picks for some of the funniest GOP memes:


Orange was definitely the color of the night on both debate stages. Boehner must be so proud.


Some wisdom stupidity from Donald Trump as he tripled? Quadrupled? down on his Mexican rapist comments.


He was the loudest clown last night.



That’s what “The Donald” is doing to the GOP


He is a walking emoji and he’s almost the same color as them too.



The poor Republicans at the kiddie debate had a pretty pathetic turnout.


After seeing their crowd that turned out for them…..probably.



Rick Perry’s flub was perhaps the funniest of the two debates and Twitter had a field day with it. 

1024x1024 (2)

1024x1024 (4) 1024x1024 (3)1024x1024 (5)We can’t wait to see what the next debate has in store for us. Show us your funny debate memes in the comment section below!

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