Happy Birthday, Fox! Here’s 5 Times Your Guests Made You Look Incredibly Stupid (VIDEO)

It seems like just yesterday that Rupert Murdoch set out on his quest to offer “fair and balanced” news reporting to counteract the “liberal media.” It was only a matter of time before some billionaire decided that the corporate interests that sponsor the Republican Party needed their very own propaganda channel, lest the truth be more than they could bear.

Nineteen years have gone by, and Fox News has more than made a name for itself. For the old white men who watch it, its name is “The Network of young blonde women most likely to have a wardrobe malfunction.” To the daft, uneducated rubes of the conservative base, its name is “A place to see headlines I can repeat…and young blonde women who are likely to have a wardrobe malfunction.”

To everyone else it’s “that ridiculous network that spreads the propaganda and lies from wealthy corporate interests to the idiots who believe them.”

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When your job is to misinform the public and pull statistics and issues out of thin air, you’re bound to find yourself looking really dumb now and again. Here are the five times Fox has been scorched by its own guests on live TV.

Featured image via Buzzfeed

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