Top 15 Halloween Costume Fails of 2014 (Images)

Now that Halloween’s over and the candy’s all eaten, we’ve scoured the web for the most epic 15 Halloween costume fails. From Hooters babies to Ray and Janay Rice, America’s citizens have granted us an embarrassment of riches in the tacky, tasteless, and cruel Halloween costumes department. Nonetheless, we’ve managed to cull out the best of the bunch. And keep scrolling — you won’t believe #1!

15. Hooters’ waitress: Would you dress your baby girl as a Hooters’ waitress, complete with fake boobs? No wonder this epic 2014 Halloween costume fail stands out, even on the EpicFail.Com website!

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Halloween costume fail: Baby dressed as Hooters waitress!

Photo: EpicFail.Com.

14. Adolph Hitler. You’ll never guess who a New Yorker found at the 42nd Street and Broadway subway station!

Halloween costume fail 2014: Person dressed as Adolf Hitler.

2014 Halloween costume fail photo: Marla S. via Gothamist.

13. Sexy “Indian princess.” Look! A Halloween costume fail that’s offensive to Native Americans AND women! Please note that the head piece, necklace and tomahawk are not included. We’re not sure about the gladiator sandals.

2014 Halloween costume fails: Sexy "Indian Princess" costume.

Sexy “Indian Princess” 2014 Halloween costume fail: Yandy.Com.

12. condom: Even fire-breathing, devil-worshipping, gay-marrying liberals like ourselves believe this boy’s too young to be learning about safe sex.

2014 Halloween fails -- little boy dressed as Trojan condom in wrapper.

2014 Halloween costume fail photo: Heavy.Com.

11. Maxi Pad. Ew. Just. Ew.

 2014 Halloween costume fail - man dressed as bloody maxi pad with the following tweet: #Adult #HalloweenCostumes #Winner #MaxiPad this is just #Sick did he use #Pigs #Blood #Halloween ##HappyHalloween

2014 Halloween costume fail photo: Screen grab/Twitter.

10. Adult Mexican. SERIOUSLY? And they don’t even include the giant mustache, sombrero, and gun!

2014 Halloween costume for sale: Adult Mexican Serape Costume.

2014 Halloween costume fail photo: BrandsOnSale.Com.

9. President Barack Obama. Because there’s nothing scarier in this world for some people than a half-white, half-black Democrat in the White House.

2014 Halloween costume fails: Twitter:  @YAF need a last minute costume? Be something truly terrifying, Obama. Happy Halloween from Young America's Foundation.

2014 Halloween costume fails photo: Screen grab/Twitter.

8. Pumpkin man. Please. Just say “no.”

2014 Halloween costume fail photo: Pumpkin man.

2014 Halloween costume fail photo: Team Timmy Joe.

7. Ray and Janay Rice. We don’t even know what to say about what may the most popular Halloween costume fail of 2014.

2014 Halloween costume fails: The Agenda ‏@AgendaSXM  Oct 31 What do you think about dressing up like Ray and Janay Rice for Halloween?  Tweet us or call in

2014 Halloween costume fail photo: Screen grab/Twitter.

6. More Ray and Janay Rice costumes: Who the h3ll ARE these people? And what kind of person would let their kid go out on Halloween dressed as a wife beater?

2014 Halloween costume fails: Ray and Janay Rice: Tweet: TYT Network ‏@TYTNetwork  Oct 29 WORST Halloween Costume Ever – NFL Ray Rice  |

2014 Halloween costume fail photo: Twitter.

5. Sexy Ebola nurse. Not only is the concept in poor taste, the outfit isn’t even that “sexy.”

2014 Halloween costume fail: Sexy ebola nurse.

2014 Halloween costume fail photo: BrandsOnSale.Com.

4. Pashtun Papa: We hope the idiot who selected this “Pashtun Papa” Halloween costume for Walmart’s online storefront got fired. After a flood of angry feedback, Walmart removed this item… But Jezebel still has the screen grab.

 2014 Halloween costume fail photo: Walmart "Pashtun Papa" costume.

2014 Halloween costume fail photo: Walmart via Jezebel.

3. Sexy ISIS Jihadis: Recruitment tool? Or just the usual “who can dress sexier on Halloween” stunt?

2014 Halloween costume fail tweet/photo: Sexy ISIS Jihadis. Another victory!! So many converted ISIS recruits at Halloween parties. I tell you, best strategy girls and booze!

2014 Halloween costume fail photo: Screen grab/Twitter.

2. Sharia women: Are these costumes for real, or just another stupid conservative meme?

2014 Halloween costume fail photo: Sharia Halloween costume. Twitter: #Halloween is less than 3 weeks away! Be sure to get your Barack Obama friendly costume. ISIS is coming! #tcot.

2014 Halloween costume fail photo: Screen grab/Twitter.

1. Junior Jihad: Out of all these epic Halloween costume fails, this one stands out as the most awful of the bunch. What kind of parent would dress their child up as a knife-wielding ISIS executioner who’s about to behead a baby doll?

2014 Halloween costume fail photo: Twitter: In case you missed it, some douche bag parents dressed their child like this for Halloween. #ISIS #Fail

2014 Halloween costume fail photo: Screen grab/Twitter.

Featured photo: Screen grab/Twitter.

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