Grandmas Try Marijuana For The First Time On Camera—The Results Are Hilarious (VIDEO) 

As states experiment with legalized recreational marijuana, adults who never experienced the effects of the plant are giving it a shot.

The site decided to take three grannies, a bong, a vaporizer and film the results.

The three elders had never tried marijuana before—they were too busy raising children and keeping tidy homes. The trio are from a time when wives smoked cigarettes and drank cocktails, but certainly didn’t smoke marijuana.

That all changed.

With some party games and snacks in hand, the three enjoyed some spaced out conversations, and received a lesson during a game of Cards Against Humanity as to what queefing means.

There was no bad trip. Nobody turned into a murderous vampire, set on draining the blood of everybody in the room.

Instead, the three realized the relaxing effects of marijuana and the medicinal qualities it possesses. While they do not specifically state so in the video, one can assume this will not be the last time they will partake.

Watch the video here



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