Good Guy With Gun Robbed At Gunpoint When Meeting Online Stranger To Sell Gun

This one comes straight from the “Only In America” file. A Witchita man wanted to sell a high-powered rifle to a person he did not know, outside of brief interactions on Facebook. When he went to meet “Thomas”, the Facebook stranger, he was promptly robbed of his weapon at gunpoint.

This mental Mighty Mouse went to meet a complete stranger he met online, to sell him a gun, shortly before midnight, in a not-very-public area. No, that is not a joke. “Thomas” approached the gun seller, pointed a gun at his head and robbed him of the 7.62 SKS rifle, leaving him without his liberty. .

The then unarmed gun seller said he tried to follow “Thomas” (remember that Thomas has BOTH of the guns now), but he lost track of where he was and quit his unarmed stalking of the armed robber that just threatened to shoot him in the head.

Wichita police Lt. James Espinoza said that any time you want to sell something to a stranger you meet online, you should do it in public, such as a convenience store parking lot, or police station.

Yes, definitely lets take guns to a convenience store parking lot. I am sure nobody will think that the exchange of weapons outside a convenience store at midnight will be in any way a precursor to something criminal. Also, the police station parking lot is a great idea. Cops arrest people for standing still on a sidewalk and shoot them for not standing still on a sidewalk. I can imagine how smoothly things will go when two strangers get out after parking in their lot, then getting guns out of their cars and juggling them back and forth.

Strangely enough, the police didn’t have any comment about why you shouldn’t stalk an armed felon at midnight,  especially after he just robbed you, and you do not have a gun.

Only in America, folks.

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