Ghost In Eastern Europe: It’s All Obama’s Fault (VIDEO)

A viral video of a ghost captured in the forest of Eastern Europe became the subject of my Uncle Rudy’s Conservarant ™ this evening, making today the 1863rd consecutive day Uncle Rudy was able to pin something ridiculous on President Obama.

The video below shows 6 seconds of footage achieved through time lapse photography that may just send chills down your spine.  Personally I choose to remain skeptical, as intelligent liberals typically do, until I can see greater proof than a single video, but conservatives, who will buy anything as long as they can blame it on Obama, are convinced it’s authentic.

Uncle Rudy, the only living descendant from my family directly linked to our one ancestor who fought for the South, had this to say on the subject:

Well…Yeah.  Course it’s true.  First we have illegals and ebolas and snipers on the White House and now this.  Its almost as if Nobama wants Americans to be afraid to exercise their God given right to take a walk in the woods in Europea(sic).

My Father and his father’s father were all raised White Mango Saxaphone Prosticants(sic) and we know when we’re being lied to, and this is clearly a lie.  Oblamer wants the people to not see the ghost because the ghost is really a half black Kenyan commie.  If we can’t see the ghost then Thomas Jefferson was right all along.

What’s more is this.  Benghazi wasn’t about no ghost, neither was the IRS, and wasn’t it a ghost Obeyma was salutin’ with that dog in his hands?  He makes me sick.  He wears them black suits like a white man even though I’m not a racist, so when will he admit that he wants all the Eastern Europa(sic) illegals to get free Obamacare and iPhones for their family back in Mexico?

We gotta shut down the borders before Obummer starts lettin’ ghosts from ebola infect all the white people with in vitro viruses and ships em’ off to them Nazi FEMA trailer parks.  If we don’t impeach him soon we’ll all be fightin’ for Saddam Hussein.

Uncle Rudy makes a compelling argument, though as usual I can’t really tell if he’s for or against anything besides the President.  Clearly against.  As for the ghost, hopefully scientists will be able to have a better look at the video to determine if it’s real or not.

Conservatives are patiently watching Fox News to see if Meghan Kelly will have a wardrobe malfunction while reporting on the story, which to them is clearly true because it’s on the internet, and because…Jesus.

Have a look at the video for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

View The Original Video by Tony Christie HERE.  Thanks, Tony, absolutely brilliant!

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