Funniest Brian Williams ‘Misremember Memes’ Circulating The Internet After ‘False Iraq Story’ (IMAGES)

Brian Williams has created quite a stir on the Internet following the recent allegations where he “misremembers” being shot down in Iraq by an RPG missile.

An unnamed NBC source says:

Brokaw wants Williams’ head on a platter. He is making a lot of noise at NBC that a lesser journalist or producer would have been immediately fired or suspended for a false report.

The following are a selection of the funniest memes circulating online, involving other notable events that the nation’s top television news anchor “misremembers.” He has yet to apologize for these other incidents.

1.  “Oswald’s bullet barely missed me – I remember it like it was yesterday.” – Brian Williams

Pic via Steve Haman's twitter page.

Pic via Steve Haman’s Twitter page.

Brian Williams may hold the missing link in JFK’s assassination mystery. Now that we know Brian Williams was there, his testimony could prove invaluable.

2.     “It was an honor to be the first man on the moon.” – Brian Williams

Pic via elfman12 on twitter.

Pic via elfman12 on Twitter.


3.  “OJ really was a nice guy, despite all the press coverage at the time. I told him I would keep our meeting and conversation private. And, I’ve held to that all this time, true to my word. My word is all I got.”  – Brian Williams

Pic via ok magazine.

Pic via OK Magazine.

4.  “Jenny told me to just run. Run, Brian, Run. And, I did.” – Brian Williams

5.  “I made the game winning interception in Super Bowl XLIX.” – Brian Williams

6.  Now, this is one man I wouldn’t mess with. Maybe this is the real reason Mr. Williams took a leave of absence. To get away from this guy after lying to him…

7.  Brian was telling a story about Chris Kyle when he accidentally disclosed that it was actually he who fired the fatal shot against Osama Bin Laden.

Pic via

Pic via

8.  “Those times at Bayside High, were the best times of my life.” – Brian Williams

Pic via San Tadeo's Twitter page.

Pic via San Tadeo’s Twitter page.

Even though Brian made a mistake, a HUGE mistake at that, let’s not lose sight of how untrustworthy some news networks are in general. *AHEEM – clearing throat* This means you, Fox News.

Pic via some ecards.

Pic via some ecards.

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