Fox News Viewers: ‘D*mn You, Liberals’ — General Mills To Go ‘All Natural’

General Mills announced that they will be removing all artificial color and flavors from some of their more popular kids’ cereals by the end of 2015, with a total conversion of all their cereals by 2017. Morning favorites including Trix, Cocoa Puffs, and Reese’s Puffs will be the first to transition to the ‘au naturel.’

The change comes in response to consumer demands for healthier options with natural ingredients. President of General Mills U.S. Jim Murphy told the Star Tribune:

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Consumers increasingly want the ingredient list for their cereal to look like what they pull out of their pantry. [They don’t want labels chock-full of] “colors with numbers and ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Goodbye, Red 40! Hope to not see you later, Yellow 6! Ciao, Blue 1!

The company will be reducing the number of colored balls from six to four – and the new colors will be made from fruit and vegetable juices as well as natural spices, like turmeric.

This all seems like great news for a nation that has been dealing with an obesity epidemic. In addition, artificial colors and flavors may be linked to behavioral issues and other health problems – so a healthier convenience food served to children is a step in the right direction. Sure, Trix will still be sugar-laden processed grain balls, but at least some of the really bad stuff will be gone.

Everyone should be pretty happy about this, right?

Yeah, not so much. Fox News ran this story on their Facebook page and the comments section has been both shocking and entertaining. Shocking in the fact that there are so many people who are upset with a company for removing artificial dyes in food that is primarily for our children. Dyes purposely put into the food, only so it appeals to our wee ones, sold to them through a sweet, lovable talking rabbit.

Likely, parents have changed breakfast from sugary, dyed cereal to whole grain, more natural options. General Mills has either seen a dip in their bottom line or they predict one – so are taking an innovative approach to attempt to increase their appeal to food conscious parents.

Apparently, this act by a private company in response to the free market and consumer demand is somehow related to 1.) Michelle Obama and the food police, 2.) big government, and 3.) LIBERALS!!

Thanks, Obama! (errr, Michelle)

When in doubt, blame the Obamas. How dare the First Lady take an interest in the foods our kids eat. Although, in this case, she really had nothing to do with the decision by General Mills – unless of course, her years of educating kids and parents about eating healthy has changed how parents are buying for their kids. . .

michelleobama1 michelleobama2

Food Police

Because there is absolutely nothing as “nazi-like” as having artificial colors and flavors removed from our foods. How dare these imaginary police imaginarily force a private company to change their recipe to take out potentially harmful chemicals from our food. How dare they?!?!

foodpolice1 foodpolice2 foodpolice3 foodpolice4 foodpolice5

Big Government



*whispers* private company – no big government involved – but, ok. Yeah!


Amazingly enough, somehow a company freely and voluntarily responding to market demand is now a liberal issue.

liberal1 liberal2 liberal3 liberal4 liberal5 liberal6 liberal7 liberal8 liberal9


These folks want to make it known that they will no longer purchase the cereal without those artificial dyes and flavors. That’s it! They are OVER it!

boycott1 boycott2 boycott3 boycott4 boycott5 boycott6 boycott7

No Color?

These folks missed the part about natural dyes from fruit juices and spices and are convinced that the new Trix cereal will look like Kix or Cheerios.

colorless1 colorless2 colorless3 colorless4 colorless5

Parenting and “Pussyfication”

Because obviously parents that demand higher standards for their child’s diet are “stupid” and making their kids into little “wimps” – right?

parenting parenting2 parenting3

Don’t Change My Trix, Man!

And then, as typical with most people who hold conservative views – change is very, very bad.

nochange1 nochange2 nochange3 nochange4 nochange5 nochange6 nochange7 nochange8 nochange9 nochange10 nochange11 nochange12 nochange13 nochange14 nochange15

See, this the difference with “the pros” vs. “the cons.” Progressives want to keep moving forward. We wish to seek constant improvement and change so our society progresses. Conservatives, not so much. They want things to stay the same – even when talking about making a child’s breakfast choice a little bit healthier.

Obviously, many conservatives are pleased with this change and these screen captures are in no way representative of ALL those that hold conservative beliefs. However, the sheer volume of commenters represented here is a bit startling, to say the least.

Featured image via Flickr/frankieleon and screen captures

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