AMAZING: Fox ‘News’ Manages To Find People Dumber Than They Are (VIDEO)

Fox “News” has managed to do what sane people thought impossible. In a segment of “The O’Reilly Factor,” Fox correspondent Jesse Watters managed to find people who even the network of ultimate derp can call dumb.

Yes, there are people out there that are more intellectually challenged than the actors of Murdoch Productions.

You got me, universe, I am completely in awe.

The people in the video were interviewed by Watters at “Gasparilla 2015,” a festival held in Tampa for the purpose of public intoxication and scantily clad women.

You never would have guessed they would be Floridians, right?

The segment is admittedly hilarious.  What’s even more hilarious is that Fox doesn’t seem to see the irony of making fun of people for their lack of knowledge of current events.

In obligatory (a short pause so Fox fans can Google the big word) Fox fashion, they did include a couple of shots at the president and reality, two things the network despises.

Fox probably believes that finding college-aged adults who are less-informed than the average Barbie doll they employ at an event like Gasparilla is a real win. In reality, it’s a sad attempt at rectifying their obvious inferiority complex.

Rumors are circulating that another network will do a similar segment called, “People Made Dumber By Fox ‘News.'”

Let’s face it, Fox.  If you truly wanted to showcase stupidity you could have simply called a few of your own viewers.

H/T: TBO | Image: Screen Capture From YouTube

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