Fox Fail: Photo Of Obama Used As Description Of Rape Suspect (VIDEO)

Could it be possible that to be a Fox affiliate you must have a picture of the President available at all times in case you need to blame him for something?

Fox News 5 in San Diego used a picture of the President Friday on a story about charges being dropped against a 20-year-old rape suspect. While the station says it was an accident, and surely it was, it doesn’t make it any less hilarious:

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According to assignment editor Mike Willie, it was most definitely a technical guffaw:

Yeah, there was an accident when they had an over-the-shoulder. It wasn’t on purpose.

Not surprisingly, Willie also said that the station hadn’t received a single complaint about the error.

That leaves the question: How many conservative Facebook pages and GOP politician Twitter feeds will be whining that the President used Executive privilege to get out of a rape case when he was twenty-years-old last Friday?

If the tactic works Fox is rumored to start using the President’s picture over the shoulder of random anchors nationwide to spark outrage to stem the bleeding of his increasing approval ratings:



Tomorrow’s featured post on Barack Obama’s Dead Fly:

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Conservative Post will have a field day with this one:

Proof That Obama’s Prayer Curtains In The East Room Are Real!

Yes, a silly story about a news station making a mistake is now borderline ridiculous.

Thanks, Obama.

Then again, why should conservatives have all the fun?

H/T: Raw Story | Image: Charles Topher

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