For The Love Of Stuffed Animals: This Valentine’s Day, Spare The Bears (VIDEO)

Today is Valentine’s Day, which means spending time with loved ones, and giving and receiving gifts. Popular Valentine’s Day gifts include jewelry, flowers, and stuffed animals. But has anybody thought about how awkward Valentine’s Day is for the poor stuffed animals?

In this wonderful public service announcement, we learn just how terrible Valentine’s Day is for the thousands of poor, stuffed bears that are given and received as gifts every year. The narrator of this PSA, speaking from the point of view of the bears, says:

They put me out here for this romantic picnic four hours ago. What happens if they don’t come? The tide is getting high.

She then goes on to describe what being the third wheel on these romantic dates is like, and how terrible it is for stuffed bears to find themselves squashed between kissing lovers.

And then there’s last year’s bear, and the bear from the year before. Each must watch their place of priority (if, indeed, it can be called that) usurped by a newer, bigger, softer, fluffier model. What happens to last year’s Valentine’s Day bear, anyway?

It’s heart-wrenching, really. In our quest to prove our feelings to our true loves, we never think of the feelings of the poor stuffed animals we selfishly pick up and shove at each other. Watch the video, and think twice about getting a stuffed animal that your loved one will carelessly toss aside mere moments later:

H/T Distractify | Featured image via screen capture from YouTube

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