David Tennant Reads Brutal Tweets Scotland Sent Trump During His Embarrassing Visit (VIDEO)

On Monday’s episode of Full Frontal, Samantha Bee spent the show talking about the Brexit vote. Her warning, though couched in comedy, that Trump is “our Brexit” should be heeded. In the final segment of the show, Bee tackled Trump’s visit to Scotland on the day after the vote. Scotland, of course, voted overwhelmingly to stay in the European Union. This will surely bring up another Scottish vote on whether or not to leave the UK.

None of that even registered with Trump. When asked his opinion on Brexit, he said — with bagpipes blaring in the background — “It’s a great thing.” Bee notes that the sound of bagpipes might “clue Trump in” to which country he was visiting. Nope. Trump told the Scots that they were “taking their country back” via the Brexit vote. But as Bee points out, Trump confused the Scots with the English. And they really, really don’t like that.

Scottish Twitter went on the attack while Trump was still speaking. And, boy, they tore him a new one. When a Scot decides to do that, they can use very colorful language — sorry, colourful language. Bee wishes that she had a real Scotsman to read the Tweets… enter David Tennant.

For you non-nerds, David Tennant was the 10th iteration of Doctor Who, arguably the favorite in the new re-boot of the popular BBC sci-fi show that began in 2005. The character of Doctor Who — the last of the Time Lords — is the one of most enduring in British popular culture. Tennant is also a Scot who does a fantastic English accent (which he used for the Doctor). But he dropped all pretense at Englishness to read several tweets from real Scots aimed at Donald Trump.

Bee asks, as anyone of us would when met with a Time Lord, could he please go back in time to stop the Brexit vote. Sadly, no. We will have to be satisfied with him reading deservedly nasty Tweets to Donald Trump. I’m okay with that.

Here’s the segment:

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