Epic Awesomeness: Teacher Wore Same Outfit On Picture Day For 40 Years

Dale Irby is a retired gym teacher from Texas who inadvertently wore the same shirt and vest combo on picture day for his 1973 and 1974 photos. That was the beginning of an epic 40-year tradition.

Irby told the Dallas Morning News,

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I was so embarrassed when I got the school pictures back that second year and realized I had worn the very same thing as the first year.

His wife then dared him (it was not mentioned if this was a double-dog dare) to wear it again for a third year. As any rational person would do, Irby embraced a five-year plan for the outfit. Yet, five years was simply not enough. He continued with his plan clear through his retirement in 2012.

Irby’s journey was chronicled in “The Teacher Who Wore The Same Outfit for 40 Years – THE MOVIE” by Break Originals, as seen below.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnD3k1Yo3cA]

Yeah, that’s pretty damn awesome. Check out all 40 of the yearbook photos below…

Check out Dale Irby’s 40-year run…wearing the same polyester shirt and brown sweater vest!

You know, there are epic events that happen in our lifetimes that reflect the perseverance of humankind. These things are often reminisced about, and the stories always include personal accounts of where people happened to be or how the event made them feel.

These shared memories include Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon, Mary Lou Retton winning the first gold medal in gymnastics, Muhammad Ali lighting the Olympic torch, and now, Dale Irby’s 40-year long run wearing the exact same outfit in every yearbook photo.

I happened to just be scrolling through my Facebook news feed, as I do multiple times a day, when I saw this life-changing event.

Unlike all the other epic moments mentioned above, which were planned and trained for, Irby’s collection began rather happenstance. However, don’t let that dissuade you from understanding the guts and glory it took to continue wearing the same polyester shirt and brown sweater vest after the 1970s, let alone four decades later!

1973 & 1974


1975 & 1976


1977 & 1978


1979 & 1980


1981 & 1982


1983 & 1984


1985 & 1986


1987 & 1988


1989 & 1990


1991 & 1992


1993 & 1994


1995 & 1996


1997 & 1998


1999 & 2000


2001 & 2002


2003 & 2004


2005 & 2006


2007 & 2008


2009 & 2010


2011 & 2012


H/T: Fill the Well | Featured image and photos via Dallas Morning News

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