Daily Show Nails Trump To The Wall For His Choice To “Outsource” Election To Russia (VIDEO)

There is no choice at all, really, according to Trevor Noah, now that Trump has literally attempted to outsource defeating Hillary Clinton to RUSSIA. We have the untenable reality of a vote for “Grandma Nixon and the fifth horseman of the apocalypse.”

Destroying Donald Trump as a distraught toddler desperate for attention, the Daily Show host lays out the real issues at hand here. When we needed to hear that Trump wasn’t colluding with Russia, instead, Trump grabbed the spotlight to make it clear that he supports Russia and wants their help in winning this election.


Not everyone has to be convinced that Trump is worse for the USA than Hillary Clinton, in fact, even 90 percent of die-hard, never wavering Bernie Sanders’ supporters have declared they will vote for Clinton over Trump in November. However, since Trump has opened a lead in the race now, after the shady document drop that even WikiLeaks admitted was designed for maximum damage to the Democratic nominee it needs to be said.

Clinton may not be your favorite candidate, hell, you might really fricken dislike her, but Donald Trump’s “advantages” over her are simple lip service by an inveterate liar who has no one’s best interest at heart but his own.

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Trump claims he will bring jobs, yet manufactures his products in countries that allow slave wages. His campaign claims that they will punish Russia if they are involved in the WikiLeaks document scandal at the end of the same breath Trump calls for them to violate personal and state level emails to help him defeat his rival. He claims he wants Americans to make a living wage (and that we are paid too much) yet is importing foreign workers for his Mar-a-lago resort instead of raising wages to attract American workers.

Much of that is just in the last week.

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