Daily Derp: GOP Base Outraged Over Obama’s Gun Ban…That Doesn’t Exist (SCREENSHOTS)

There certainly is no shortage of derp on this one. This meme, posted on the page “I Support The 2nd Amendment,” is nothing shy of fantasy hate. There is no Obama gun ban; there isn’t a single piece of legislation from the White House in the six years of his presidency even suggesting such a thing.

That doesn’t stop the propaganda mill from enraging the base and sending them out to stock up on more guns and ridiculous amounts of ammo.

“Ermagerd! Nobama wants yer gunz!” Absolutely ridiculous.

What’s even more ridiculous? You guessed it: the comments. Prepare yourself for a wild ride into the imaginations of imbeciles as they pour out racism and hate, and call for the execution of the president.

This stuff basically writes itself, I tell ya.

Let’s start with the obvious. Obama wants your guns because he’s a Muslim:

gunz1A fine how-do-you-do, America, allowing a Muslim Terrorist into the White House.

Then there’s the racists:

gunz2There weren’t as many racists as expected, but there’s always the possibility that their posts were reported and deleted before they could be screencapped.

Let’s not forget the conspiracy theorists.  Always a boatload of fun:

gunz1Uh oh. Everyone knows those UN “Weapons Enforcement” trucks spotted in Georgia weren’t at all Photoshopped. Since our government hasn’t given Obummer, his way he’ll sign treaties without the required Senate approval and have the UN take them, instead.

Of course there’s all of those “patriots” who are calling for their president to be impeached and executed, or flat-out murdered because of all the laws he breaks. What laws? You know… Laws.

gunz1Oh, those crazy conservatives.  If only they had any idea what “treason” was. By calling for the murder of a sitting president, they’re committing it.

There are so many other lovely comments, and such a massive amount of stupid. You are officially encouraged to stop by and let these “patriots” in on a little bit of reality.

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Images via: I Support The Second Amendment

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