Crazy Dashcam: Geniuses Toss A Dozen Bales Of Weed Out Of Windows At 100MPH (VIDEO)

In an interesting tactical maneuver, several members of MENSA decided the best course of action when pulled over with a dozen or so bales of marijuana would be to take their vehicle to speeds in excess of 100MPH and toss the stash from the rear windows.

In the video, most of the bales seem unscathed, but a few explode into a ball of green powder as they hit the pavement, much to the chagrin of tokers all over the Internet watching in dismay.

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After their vehicle was stopped by spike strips and they failed to escape on foot, the rocket doctors claimed an unknown woman paid them a large sum of money to transport the packages, having no clue what was in them, to a location just up the road.

Obviously in need of sleep after a long shift doing complex calculations at NASA, the perpetrators were arrested and charged with transporting green leafy plants that cause mild euphoria and don’t really hurt anyone.

The police were unsure exactly how much marijuana was tossed from the vehicle, as motorists passing by gathered most of it up for themselves. A statewide manhunt for these evildoers and their new-found bales of pure evil that will most likely lead to a shortage of Cheetos and Mountain Dew may be underway.

Watch the video of this ever-so heinous crime courtesy of USA Today below:

H/T: The Free Thought Project | Image: Screen Capture from YouTube

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