Cowardly Fox Covers SNL Reunion, Decides NOT To Include Jane Curtin’s Epic Smackdown (VIDEO)

There comes a time when self-deprecation isn’t just warranted, it’s absolutely necessary.  That time came for Fox News when Jane Curtin perfectly destroyed them in a zing for the ages Sunday night on the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special:

A lot has changed since I sat at this desk.  For example, I used to be the only pretty blonde woman reading fake news.  Now there’s an entire network devoted to that.

The network was, of course, Fox News, and that 36 seconds of the evening was by far the highlight of the show.  Within minutes the poke was being tweeted and posted all over social media, and in under an hour video of the entire segment was circulating around the web.

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Everyone thought it was funny.  Everyone.  Well, almost everyone.

Fox News couldn’t just NOT cover the reunion, so they did what Fox News does.  They omitted the joke facts, deciding instead to comment on everything that went on around it.  Tina Fey slammed the younger generation, Emma Stone did a character made famous by Gilda Radner, Edward Norton did Stefan, Melissa McCarthy lived in a van down by the river, they basically covered the entire bit.

Somehow, some way, Jane Curtin, whose name was mentioned but never elaborated on, didn’t get the respect she deserved for delivering the knockout-punch of the evening.

The Fox coverage was on their website, the cable network decided not to bother with it at all.

Classic Fox News cowardice.

Here’s the 36 seconds of perfection delivered by Curtin.

Featured Image: Charles Topher

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