#ConservativeBecause Goes Viral After Liberals Hijack It To Hilariously Mock Right Wingers

It’s tough being a conservative in America these days. After decades of dog whistle racism, unrestrained greed, non-stop bigotry and general scumminess, the right wing has a real public relations problem. For some bizarre reason, people can’t stop conflating conservatism with the worst America has to offer.

Imagine that!

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But, wait! It’s social media to the rescue! On Sunday, Future Female Leaders (an “empowering” site for right-wing ladies with a pink high heel shoe as a logo. Seriously) posted a meme for #ConservativeBecause to rally like-minded folks to explain why they’re a conservative. It was supposed to be a cheerleading session for the right.

It started off well:

And several people happily explained their vision for America:

It sounds so uplifting and sincere! But then those pesky liberals noticed it and started talking about the other part of conservatism. You know, the part that made Donald Trump, a racist, xenophobic misogynist, the presumptive nominee….

Craig Rozniecki, a political satirist, was the first snowflake in the avalanche of trolling to follow:

And it went downhill from there:

There are hundreds upon hundreds of these tweets exposing the ugliness at the core of American conservatism and it’s just getting started. But here’s my favorite one so far. This one tweet is absolutely perfect. It’s my favorite because it’s from a conservative who does a better job of explaining what’s wrong with conservatives better than any of the liberals making fun of them:

Because nothing says “I’m a right winger!” better than calling women protesting against rape culture “monsters.” You just can’t make this stuff up.

Head on over to twitter and share YOUR insights as to why people are conservatives. Have fun!

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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