Comedian Handles OkCupid User Who Tries To Scam Him…Like a BOSS (VIDEO)

Have you ever gone on a dating site like OkCupid or, full of hopes and dreams about meeting the love of your life, only to be disgusted and disappointed by some low-life scam artist?

Well, comedian Mike Bobrinskoy unfortunately had that not-so-pleasant experience, but instead of moping or getting angry, he trolled the wannabe scammer right back — and the results are hilarious!

In this particular incident, the “woman” with whom he was exchanging messages starts off the conversation innocently enough, but some of  her replies are just so downright bizarre that it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist, no matter how starved for love, to figure out something is terribly amiss.

In one message, “Alexandra,” as she calls herself, writes:

I am a woman of integrity and my word is my honor. Picture a waterfall in your mind, and instead of water, it is all the love and passion I have in my heart. I am big Italian meal fan, like Garfield. I love to give pleasure in and out of the bed.  Maybe with you, who knows? Opportunity is the only opportunity. So what you like?

— Affectionately, Alexandra

After that mega-weird (to put it mildly) message, it doesn’t take long for “Alexandra” to start asking for more than just lasagna and pleasure.

Bobrinskoy recently shared his exceptionally lame dating site story in a comedy bit that had the audience in stitches — and is sure to have you laughing hard, too.

Watch the hysterical OkCupid scammer take-down in the video below.

You can connect with Chicago-based comedian Mike Bobrinskoy via Twitter here.

H/T: Mashable |Image via YouTube screen capture

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