Colbert Performs Hilarious Hamilton-esque Song About Trump’s Whiny ‘Safe Space’ Tweets (VIDEO)

A number of people have stepped forward to criticize Trump’s Twitter rampage over an incident that happened during a Broadway showing of Hamilton that his Vice President attended this week. Pence went to the show and the entire cast greeted him to express their fears about America’s new paper dictator. Mr. Pence, unlike his running mate, responded respectfully. He said that he wasn’t offended and that he was still able to enjoy the entire show despite having been put on the spot.

Trump on the other hand didn’t handle the negative publicity so well. In a number of mellow dramatic and snotty Tweets he called the play “over-rated” and characterized the behavior of the staff as harrasment:




It appears that America will have to suffer the bizarre rants from Trump throughout his entire presidency as some have feared. A representative from Trump’s campaign said that Trump turns to Twitter for a sort of therapy. Making deranged public statements is just how Trump unwinds. Meanwhile, Trump has been unable to get his cabinet under control or to settle concerns about his multiple conflicts of interest.

Here’s the Full Video:

Steven Colbert’s on air song perfectly summarizes the entire incident:

How does an Orange Bully
Son of Bitch and a Con-Man
Grabbing Pussy with Gary Busey
No Taxes Evident
Grow Up to Be a Hero and the President?

Well, the Story of my Reign Starts
On the Great White Way
With a Great White Haired Veep
That doesn’t like the Gay

I always Thought the Theater was
A Safe and Special Place
But When the Vice President’s In Residence
Some Thugs Get up in his Face?

Cameras Blazing
Come Right At him With their Scary Tights
Blast him Bang!
With A Request To Protect Their Rights

Stabbing Him with Rudness
The Cast Casting Dispursions
Before Pence can hit’em back
With Gay Conversions

He got a Lecture
He got Hectered
In his Tiny Little Seat
I won’t let my Veep Go Down like that

Men! to the Tweets!
Drop the Toilet Seat!
Drop the Beat!
Thumb so Fast
Disappearing like my Balance Sheets

Gonna Make The Theater Safe Again
And End the Lies
Watch this I’m going to Tweet
Apologize! And done

Back to Making America Great
Hannity, Truckasourous
Who wants secritary of State?

Featured Image via Video Screen Grab

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