Colbert DESTROYS Palin By Brilliantly Mocking Her Trump Endorsement Speech (VIDEO)

If you caught Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Donald Trump a few days ago, you certainly noticed that she has not improved her public speaking skills at all over the past few years. If anything, they may have gotten worse. And of course her most recent serving of word salad caught the ear of Stephen Colbert.

On The Late Show, Colbert played clips from Palin’s Tuesday speech in Iowa that show that not only has she failed to improve her oratory skills, she hasn’t come up with any better lines, either. “Hopey-changey” and “drill baby drill” were mixed in with “Trump and his trumpeters” and “opium — ‘other people’s money.'” If Palin had been a Siren, Odysseus would have begged his men to plug his ears with beeswax, too.

Colbert offers his audience what he thinks Palin would sound like if she endorsed other candidates. To do that, he says, “Let me just tase the part of my brain that understands sentence structure.” He takes out what appears to be a Taser and touches it to his neck. What follows is three minutes of Colbert brilliance, as he imagines Palin endorsing one candidate after another in a rambling bout of verbal diarrhea that is funny and scary at the same time, because in your mind you can actually hear Palin saying it.

There’s no need to say more about this, just watch it.

Here is Stephen Colbert’s brilliant mocking of Sarah Palin:


Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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