Colbert Brilliantly Mocked Ben Carson’s Missed Cue And It Will Make You Laugh Until You Cry (VIDEO)

You know how they call tall guys “Tiny” and bald guys “Curly”? Watching Ben Carson’s recent not-quite-on-stage-yet antics at the Republican debate, you have to wonder if “brain surgeon” was given to Carson as an ironic nickname.

If you happened to see the clip, and didn’t know this was an actual thing that happened at a real-life, serious political debate, you could easily mistake Ben standing around off-stage as part of a late night TV skit. The staggering absurdity of Carson’s meandering, with Donald Trump eventually joining him and JEBORAH! giving a bemused smirk as he passed by, made the moment ripe for parody. And, late night hosts had a field day with it. However, none were quite as funny as Stephen Colbert’s mockery. Given how very strange this reality was, mocking the situation takes a good deal of comedic effort and creativity to make it even funnier.

In walks Stephen Colbert, after quite a bit of coaxing. Being a master of all things satirical, the late night host brilliantly lambasted Ben Carson with his typical style and grace.

Watch Stephen Colbert make a Ben Carson Entrance here:

Featured image via video screen capture


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