CBS Sports Commentator Jim Rome Angers ‘Band Dorks,’ Including The Army

CBS Sports commentator Jim Rome ignited a social media firestorm on New Year’s Day, tweeting about the marching bands in the various college football bowl games. Usually, the marching bands don’t warrant much commentary from the sportscasters, and certainly not prominent sportscasters, so this might cause one to raise their eyebrows a bit. But Jim Rome, already known for irritating people everywhere, decided, instead, to insult the entire sport (yes, the marching arts are a sport). Why? We don’t know. But he said:


Is there anyone not in a marching band who thinks those dorks running around with their instruments are cool?

Way to invalidate something that these students do for nothing there, Jim. They don’t get accolades; upon graduation, they don’t get offered lucrative sponsorship deals, or drafted into a prestigious performing ensemble to make millions, or anything else that athletes get. They don’t even get interviews, or so much as a mention in the school paper if they get injured in rehearsal or in a show. They do it for entertainment and for their love of it, and that is it.

We could have simply let it go, but when you have something that never warrants a mention on television, let alone a mention by someone as prominent as Jim Rome, it will cause controversy. Rome found himself on the receiving end of our ire, as his tweet sparked online discussions — even arguments — on both Twitter and Facebook.

On Twitter, things were quite colorful. In fact, Jim Rome drew the attention of none other than the U.S. Army Field Band itself. They said:Army_Band_Jim_Rome_Tweet

See? The marching arts are everywhere, doing everything. The lesson here is: Be very careful whom you choose to insult on social media.

He also received a response from Bands of America (that we suspect is sarcastic, but may not be):


And from the University of Arizona’s “Pride of Arizona” marching band:


This guy pointed out the patently obvious: Jack_Deskins_Jim_Rome_Tweet

As did Northwestern University’s Bienen School of Music:


And there was this beautiful tweet as well:


On Facebook, uniform designer Brent Becker asked his audience about Jim Rome’s insulting tweet:


And received replies that ranged from thoughtful:


To testimonials from former band members who received that exact type of bullying all through school (many, if not most of us, were on the receiving end of this):

Brent_Becker_Jim_Rome_FB_Comment 1


To “both sides need some perspective:”


This became such a huge deal that both “Buzzfeed” and “The Sporting News” got hold of it. “Buzzfeed” titled their article with the following:

“This Is What Happens When You Refer To Marching Bands As ‘Dorks’ On The Internet”

And they’re right, the “dorks” will rise up and fry someone like Jim Rome for stuff like this. They showed some of the roasting in a list of embedded replies.

“The Sporting News” likes marching bands, too, and said:

“Count us as big fans of college football’s marching bands. In fact, at some particularly football-deficient schools, the bands can be the main attraction on Saturdays.

Do not, however, count Jim Rome in that camp. He wasn’t particularly impressed with the bands on New Year’s Day.”

They, too, proceeded to detail out some of the resulting social media storm that Rome had to endure at our hands.

Jim Rome evidently realized his error and deleted the offending tweet, and then tweeted an apology: Jim_Rome_Apology_Tweet

The damage, however, was already done:





Long story short, it wasn’t just us “band dorks” who were upset with Jim Rome over this. When you annoy the Army, respected designers, and multiple university programs with a single tweet, you’ve really screwed up.

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