Canada Is Advertising Marijuana (Sort Of) And It’s Awesome! (VIDEO)

Between climate change, man buns, income inequality, terrorism and Republicans, yoga can only go so far in relieving stress. Between Lululemon leggings and people who seem as though they have no bones, even yoga can be stressful.

The yoga instructor in this 22 Minutes video (the name of the production company, not the length of the video) is as frustrated with life as any of us. She can’t find a good man, she was treated as a terrorist for having apple butter, she laments climate change. “Feel the weight of the world on your back and it’s crushing you, but stay in the present because there is no future because the government sold it to the highest bidder.”

Soon after, it cuts away and it’s like so many pharmaceutical ads, only the prescription you’re to “ask your doctor” about is good old marijuana. Oh, and there’s no list of side effects like with every other pharmaceutical ad.

Here’s the video:

Featured image courtesy of screen capture.


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