BOOM: Stephen Colbert Slams Bill O’Reilly With Massive Truth Bomb (VIDEO)

The slimy,  political pundit and oligarchic puppet, Bill O’Reilly just helped illustrate why he is a dinosaur of political posturing and Stephen Colbert is a shining example of humanity.

While visiting the wildly popular Colbert, O’Reilly basically just declared your babies are worth less than our bombs.

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Yes, folks, O’Reilly would have us believe that in America lack of education, lack of social safety nets, hungry children, and the promise of looming homelessness for much of the population is perfectly all right — as long as we have a big stick to defend our third world with.

O’Reilly’s very RWNJ conclusion that while world domination is a perfectly acceptable reason to raise the national debt to a point where our children will never have a chance of paying it back, but the humanitarian care of Americans, investment in our infrastructure and education are not, did not sit well with Colbert.

In response to O’Reilly’s comment, “So, you bring down your major enemy and you have to do that by spending money,” Colbert delivered this polite, yet thunderous truth bomb that appeared to stun O’Reilly into silence.

That’s huge deficits that can be justified by military expenditure. But you’re saying huge deficits can not be justified by, uh, the humanities, by educating people, by the social services. What’s the difference to those things? They are both vital aspects of our culture, what is the difference between those two and why is one justifiable and not the other?

Sitting there, the crushed appearance of his face illustrating a clear understanding that his position of “kill’em all if they are foreign and f*ck’em if they are underemployed cause I got mine,” had been seen, called out, and is honestly indefensible to thinking Americans — O’Reilly’s only defense: “That is a classic “liberal” position.”

Yes, yes it is a very classic Liberal position, thank you for noticing you pedantic poser. Caring about Americans: veterans, children, youth, women, men, minorities, education, infrastructure, national security, healthcare, proper nutrition, living wages, freedom, economic growth, criminal justice reform, and even — yes — religious freedom (of and from) all at once is very Liberal.

Just like caring about nothing but world domination, Christian supremacy, the parts of the Constitution you like, and “peace through strength destruction,” all while forcing the poor to bear children they will need social services to raise, but then cutting those services and calling the poverty-stricken family (and the elderly, veterans and disabled) “lazy takers” is a very Conservative position.

Watch the polite evisceration of Billy-boy here:


Featured image via screen capture from YouTube

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