Bill Maher And Michael Moore Team Up To Troll Donald Trump In Most Epic Fashion (IMAGES)

Bill Maher might be on a brief hiatus, but that certainly hasn’t stopped him from mocking Donald Trump. Teaming up with fellow godless liberal Michael Moore, the two soon discovered that Donald Trump won’t be able to secure the border since he can’t even secure his own plane.

Maher and Moore hilariously photographed themselves hanging right outside Air Force Trump, which apparently was left unsecured at La Guardia Airport.

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The TV host and his Academy-Award winning  filmmaker pal had no trouble getting on the runway and snapping a few photos opposite the Republican presidential nominee’s private plane.

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And here’s in even closer look.


Although he made no mention of it, one can only assume Maher was holding up a blank document to represent the odious orange fascist’s non-existent tax returns.

Maher was really committed to trolling Trump, as he can been seen posing in front of Air Force Trump the night before.

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Notice how tiny the wing is? Trump has yet to respond, but one can only imagine he will take to Twitter to call Maher a “fraud” and “not very successful.”

Maher and the ultra thin-skinned Trump have had spats in the past. Never finding a lawsuit he didn’t want to file, Trump sued Maher after the political quipster publicly vowed to donate $5 million to charity if Trump provided a copy of his birth certificate proving that he’s not “spawn of his mother having sex with orangutan.”  Trump said he did so but Maher “never paid up.”  Being the “whiny little b*tch” that Maher always says he is, Trump eventually dropped the lawsuit. Surely, he will take Maher’s latest taunt in stride.

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