Bette Midler Wins The War Of Nude Selfies With Kim Kardashian For A Damn Good Cause (IMAGES)

Kim Kardashian has decided recently that she really enjoys herself naked. Social media exploded earlier this week when Kardashian tweeted a nude selfie, which of course sparked several…interesting conversations:

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At first the picture was hailed as Kim showing off how good she looks so soon after childbirth, but come to find out the picture is over a year old and that she just really likes nudity. She posted yet another with the hashtag #liberated a few days later:

Well good for her, right? If Kim Kardashian wants to show the entire world her body that’s her prerogative. It is, after all, hers to show. The pictures have an artsy kind of flair to them and the intimately private parts are covered. Whether you think she’s an empowered and proud woman or an attention seeking brat, you have to at least commend her for being so comfortable in her own skin.

On the flip side, She also opened herself up to some good old-fashioned teasing, which is exactly what she got from Bette Midler:

Alright, so whether you love her or hate her, The Divine Miss M has a point. Kim Kardashian’s fame comes mostly on the coat tails of a sex tape that’s been circulating now for the better part of a decade. Having seen Kim Kardashian nude isn’t exactly something that’s uncommon, and Bette Midler isn’t someone known to hold back when she sees an opportunity for a chuckle.

Kardashian wasn’t too pleased, however, going immediately on the offensive:

Was she just kidding? It didn’t take long for the resentment to fester into another tweet:

Both of the tweets got the attention of Midler. First she responded to the “fake friend” allegation:

And then on to the issue at hand:

A Twitter battle between two generations of divas is fun to watch and all, but there really isn’t much substance involved. That’s why you just have to love Bette Midler, who decided to turn this idiotic little feud into something worthwhile, using the attention to help shed light on a cause she believes in: Stages for Success.

The program takes old, outdated school auditoriums and refurbishes them, giving kids interested in the arts a proper place to rehearse and perform. Midler obviously lost interest in continuing some Trumpesque battle of insults and instead grabbed her phone, a piece of cardboard and a boatload of class and tweeted this:

That right there is why Bette Midler is so beloved. She managed to turn what most would see as just another schoolyard-like Twitter brawl into something awesome. She cut the argument off at the knees. If Kardashian had decided to continue the argument she would have looked like a fool.

So what just happened? Bette Midler managed to take the viral nude selfie of one of the most famous (albeit for nothing) women on the planet and put it to good use for a good cause. Her crowdfunding campaign is now nearly complete and the project will move on. Is it thanks to Kim Kardashian thinking she looked good as a blonde or because Bette Midler is an amazing woman? Considering she’s matching contributions two-to-one, amazing woman certainly seems far more likely.

Featured image via Twitter

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