Bernie Sanders Playing A Rabbi In This 90s Indie Comedy Is The Most Amazing Thing Ever (VIDEO)

In case you needed any more incentive to support and love Bernie Sanders, Reddit users recently unearthed a video in which Sanders plays a rabbi in a late 90s Indie comedy. Indeed, no major corporate studios for the Bern man. Upon first glance, you really think that it’s Larry David playing this seemingly annoying but affable rabbi. But the man playing the rabbi in this little-known comedy is, in fact, the man who practically beat the most well financed and established presidential candidate in history.

The clip features Bernie Sanders playing Rabbi Manny Shevitz and shows him  delivering a seemingly awkward but quite humorous speech at a wedding:

I remember when I used to walk down my old neighborhood in Brooklyn, and that was before the Dodgers went to LA, said Sanders’ character. That was the worst thing that never happened and I don’t know why we let them do that (crowd stares with confusion). By the way, that free agency crap…that really gets me. There’s two million dollars here and twelve million dollars there. What’s so free about that free about that free agency? I can’t take that anymore!

Larry David and Bernie Sanders are clearly two cantankerous Brooklyn Jews from another mother. If the whole presidential thing doesn’t work out for him, then he clearly has a role in the next Judd Apatow movie.



Featured image via screen capture

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